Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Pops is Tops

And let me tell you why...

He knows just where to take his girl when I'm having a rough day. It's Lowe's, the grocery store, or the dump for me. With his gentle spirit, listening ear, solid advice, and killer sense of humor he's my number one guy. 

 He's always encouraged me to think. Whether it is developing an opinion or making a decision, care in thought has always been something he supports. Dinner with Dad has always meant discussion, questions, and opinions. And I love dinner with Dad.

Barbie's weren't allowed. As much as I wanted to play with them (I was eventually able to) his reasoning left an impression. Barbie was never my yardstick for beauty and I have him to thank for that. Instead of trying to look like a toy, I was encouraged to be me...

I've always been proud to have him as my Dad. I once argued with a neighbor kid about who had the stronger Dad. Obviously, I did. Of course he can lift an entire car over his head... I've never doubted. 

 Happy Father's Day to the sweetest man I know. 
I am so, so thankful for you and I love you mucho. 
Your Elizabeth
aka Gertrude

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