Monday, July 11, 2011

Makeup Monday

Okay, okay... I'm finally writing a post about makeup. Sheesh, stop hounding me about it. It's harder than I thought. And bless my heart, this post is going to include pictures.... we've all seen my makeuped versus non-makeuped face before but a few pictures make this post more entertaining. For who, I'm not sure. 

Moving on... let's talk about eyes. For me (the chapstick type) the eyes are the most important part of good makeup. That and a nice foundation to even me out. Bless this freckled and sometimes pimpled face. 

For eyes there are two basics that you just have to start with- concealer and primer. The concealer hides the under eye darkness I get from my olive toned complexion and the lovely vain that lives right under my right eye. It basically rocks my socks off. 

I started using eye primer about two years ago. I think it has forever changed my life. I use the Too Faced primer, although I know that Smashbox has a good one that's a few bucks cheaper. Your pick, but get a primer and prime baby prime

I'm sure that's exactly what Sarah Palin says in the morning as she puts on her makeup. 

Okay, concealer check (if you need it) and primer check. 

You may be thinking that I need to shut up about the primer already, but I just can't. It will stop your shadow from fading and help with the weird line that can develop in the crease of your eye. Eewww.

Now that you believe me, pull out your handy dandy eye shadow brushes. If you don't have any... your existence is bleak. Go buy some... now. 

Onto shadow. For this week's look- which happens to be one of my go to looks- I'm going to start with my all over lid color...  Glamazon by Too Faced.

Next I'm going to take my slanted liner brush and take my liner color- Party Girl by Too Faced- and draw a shadow line on top of my lashes.

For a more dramatic look I like to pull the liner color up and bring it around the outer corner of the eye. 

To make the eye really pop I take another (lighter color) and put it in the inside corner of the lid. I used Boy Toy by Too Faced today.

I love their shadow, but these names... really?

And voila... add some mascara primer and mascara and you're ready to go!
I use Smashbox for both. 

FYI the polish in the pictures is Yellin' for Watermelon by OPI
It looked like you really wanted to know that. You're welcome. 

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