Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Orange-y porangey

I'm such a fashionista that I forgot that I owned orange shorts. 

All week long I've been day dreaming about my old orange corduroy pants. I got them off a clearance rack, in the men's department, when I was seventeen. That's how you spell fashion icon, right?
Maybe not, but I love them still. Bless their heart, wherever they may not be.

After racking my brain. I decided to wear a bright orange top with a flowered skirt (it had orange on it). The only problem was that I didn't wash those things or take a picture of them or actually wear them. 

However, I did paint my toes orange. In honor of Sarah! 

I didn't take a picture of that either. 

Here's what I did do. 
I remembered that I have a pair of light orange shorts that I almost never wear. They require a certain amount of confidence, which I normally don't have.
After a pep talk, I mustered up enough confidence for the living room, my only problem... my only camera is on my computer and I am way cheesy. Like way. 

Here's what I got, I call it the spiiiinnn and rest.


And rest

Did I just blow your mind? 
That's what I thought.

In case you weren't totally amazed by that, check this out. Cheetah print nails. Totally Hannah's idea, totally awesome.  Totally.


  1. LOVE the cheetah print nails. For realz. And love your spiiin and rest! You are amazing.

  2. yup. you blew my mind. :) for real reals! lol. i love the cheetah nails too!

    the style projects

  3. love the legs on the couch pic. miss your face e!