Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Sangria

It's too hot. 
I hate it and my life is miserable. 
Or at least my sweat glands are. 

How are you? 
I'm going to assume hot and miserable too.
There's only one cure...

Normally I pack my Sangria full of all sorts of stuff.
But it's too hot and I don't have the time. 
And really, who does?

So I pulled out what I had and mixed it up. 

Pull it out.

1 cup of Rum
(or 3/4 cup)
Splash of Triple Sec 
1/2 cup of Sugar (or splenda)
Frozen Fruit
1 bottle of wine
1 cup of orange juice
Sprite Zero

Mix it up.

If you soak the fruit in Rum, Triple Sec, and sugar overnight (or as long as you can) it's super de-lish! 
Then I add the wine and o.j. and let it all chill together.
Right before I serve it I add the ice and Sprite. 

Even white boy's got to shout.
Beat the heat and stay popular. 
With this drink, it's guaranteed.

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