Saturday, August 6, 2016

30 x 30 x 30 = excercise quickies

I don't know 'bout you, but my life alternates between so busy I want to cry and so boring I want to cry. I recently moved to a new town which has more coffee than the last town, but less yoga options.

I love yoga classes, but hate yoga videos and the only forms of exercise I enjoy is dancing when nobody's watching cause I'm home by myself, brisk walks (my grandma taught me how), the elliptical machine at the gym and yoga classes.

The problem I have with gyms is that they all don't have that one type of elliptical machine that I really love -- the rest of them are for losers and guys named Hal. I also don't like the creepy guys at the gym who wear those baggy shirts with arm pit holes so big you can see their belly buttons. Gross.

I love personal trainers who like to gossip early in the morning, but those cost biggie bucks and all my bucks are really small.  Plus, my last trainer was obsessed with squats and clearly didn't understand that squats come straight from the pit of hell.

And since I haven't found a gym that doesn't annoy me in this town, I haven't joined one... yet. Don't worry, I joined Ulta instead.  And some guy named Brandon keeps texting asking if I want to join his gym,  so it's not like I never speak to anyone at the gym.

And my final problem with getting enough exercise is that I actually live in a part of the Midwest that is competing with a sauna for humidity levels which leaves me walking early in the mornings and I don't like mornings.

Which brings me to 30x30x30

What's the easiest thing I can do every day for an entire month?

30 seconds of plank, 30 crunches or sit ups and 30 jumping jacks.

To make my life more fun, I invited a trusted advisor to do this with me. She's the one who added the jumping jacks and who texts me funny things and then it makes my heart happy as I'm holding plank with my cats running under me.

 #LifeISBetterWithFriends #StillDecidingAboutTheCats

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